Humphries Monuments -  & Engraving
About Us
Humphries Monuments & Engraving came from many experiences in the lives of Chris & Heidi Humphries. 
I (Chris) grew up attending Waterville Baptist Church right here in Cleveland, TN. I went off to college and worked in the field of youth ministry for a decade. People always told me that I needed to be a pastor some day but I always had other plans. While I was attending high school here in beautiful Cleveland, TN I had an awesome math teacher my senior year who had lost her husband the summer before. Many days were spent with tales of love and loss during that year. But I learned more about life in that geometry class than I did in all of my other college and high school classes combined. There is a lot of grief that goes with the loss of a loved one. Words spoken by pastors and friends may ease the pain for a moment but the hurt is there for a time. Time is really the only healer of this kind of hurt. But there is a way to remember your loved ones and that is written in stone. Monuments are often referred to as memorials for a reason. They are the lasting reminder of a loved one lost. We want to help you remember that loved on in the best way possible.
Heidi grew up and spent most of her life in North Carolina. With a recent loss of her grandfather she wanted to help those going through this trying time. We know we can't stop the hurt but we can help you remember those whom you have loved. Heidi and I also have 2 children, Kaylee (6) and Brodie (5). We have poured into our children our hearts and love. Kaylee is your typical 6 year old girl and we love her dearly. Brodie is our 5 year old son who was diagnosed with autism in "08 and Heidi is a big advocate for parents of children with autism. She is the vice president of the Cleveland Chapter of the Chattanooga Autism Center which is a support group for parents of children with autism in the Cleveland & Athens area.